What Is a Good Steam Cleaner for Floors and Carpets?

Many people know how much a good steam cleaning does for a carpet. It’s the best way to get most stains out. Not everyone realizes how good it is to steam clean your hard floors too. It’s often much easier than mopping. Wouldn’t a steam cleaner that can handle both be nice?

Some steam cleaners can handle both hard floors and carpets. It’s quite a nice advantage, although not every machine will do both equally well. There’s always a trade off.

There are a number of upright steam vacuum models now that advertise the ability to handle carpets and hard floors. Usually these handle carpet better than they do hard floors. It can be difficult for them to get tile grout completely clean. They’re usually too big to use easily in small areas such as bathrooms, leaving you to rely on attachments.

Canister steam cleaners are usually better on hard surfaces than on carpets. If you want to clean your carpets, you want one that comes with a carpet attachment and can get the water back out, such as Bissell’s Big Green. They can be more work, as you have to pull the canister along behind you and you often have to handle the scrubbing on your own. Most don’t come with any sort of a spinning brush, just brushes on the steam vacuum attachment you can use to scrub as needed. On the plus side, they often do better on hard floors and may get into smaller areas more easily, depending on the model and attachments.

Odds are that you’ll steam clean your floors more often than you do your carpets. Hard floors can be steamed much more often than carpets. You don’t have to worry so much about how long it will take for the floor to dry.

The best way to find one that does both well is to check customer reviews of them. You’ll quickly find out what problems people had, as well as the points they loved. Sometimes you’ll even get solutions to common problems with a particular model.

The simple truth of the matter is, however, that you will rarely find one that will do all functions equally well. With steam cleaners, water temperature is one of the common problems. Get one that’s made for general steam cleaning, and while it may provide very hot steam on a shorter hose, a hose long enough to clean your carpets or even a hard floor may give the steam too much time to cool off. Figure out which combination of features, size and how you use it is going to be best for how you’re going to use it.

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